We will get through this - TOGETHER!

We will get through this - TOGETHER!

Something to help cheer you up.

I've always had a passion and love for this hobby. I even had hair at the beginning 👨‍🦲 I still remember my first autograph - I remember meeting Daryl Strawberry the fist time (my childhood hero) and almost passing out - I remember getting to take my photo with Peyton Manning & John Elway together - I remember meeting Michael Jordan and thought to myself "that was easier then I thought it was going to be". Dennis Rodman told me I was "cute", Mike Tyson took a picture with me and my son pretending to let us knock him out - I've had an extremely blessed opportunity to meet a lot of my childhood heroes and every day I get to hang out with the best team in the NHL - our St. Louis Blues.

We turned that passion into a business with the best tag team and life partner a man could ever ask for - Rebecca. Coupled with the best staff in the business - we've created a business that will overcome these current obstacles.

It's been a fun run and we aren't going to let some invisible enemy beat us - We will be back and better then ever. We are spending our time working on FanCave.com, uploading new product, mailing out orders and getting ready for when we can re-open those doors. Hang in there with us. Be safe - practice social distancing - stay in doors - hug your kids and loved ones.

And remember - never be too embarrassed to post a picture of yourself in florescent pink shorts with Ken Griffey Jr. because life is WAY TOO SHORT to be worried about what other people think. Love yourself and those around you. We love and miss all of you who are the reason we will get through this - together!

Ryan Houston

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