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Jordan Kyrou Fan Cave Exclusive Custom "Kyrou Ren" Tee

Jordan Kyrou Fan Cave Exclusive Custom "Kyrou Ren" Tee

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We decided we wanted to emphasize our city and our team using the staple of every wardrobe. We wanted to do it OUR WAY, completely custom and unique. We wanted to create portable posters, something you HAD to have, wanted to wear... if you wanted to stand out. Yes, we are talking about uniquely designed custom T-shirts from Fan Cave!

T-Shirt Launch #2- "Kyrou Ren" - Originally designed by Tony Mancha & Ryan Houston - The shirt features a twist on your favorite player Jordan Kyrou and Star Wars Kylo Ren! Custom Designed and ONLY Available at Fan Cave Sports.

Each shirt is custom printed at Fan Cave Sports - no outsourcing - we do it ALL internally. The heather grey Port & Company comfy tee features rich graphics and is a definite statement piece. & Fan Cave Retail Store offer a no hassle return policy if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase within 30 days of the sale date.

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